Short Synopsis

Two nerds, Griff and Kemper, dream of winning the affections of Tiffany Madison and Tiffany Melrose, the most popular girls in school. Despite the objections of their longtime goth friend Hemlock (who has a crush on Griff ), Griff and Kemper hatch a plan to win the Tiffanies: Make themselves more popular using science. But when a serum meant to clear Griff's acne turns him invisible, all seems lost. That is, until Griff uses his invisibility to help Kemper beat Chetwick, the school's bully, in a fight, which sends the school abuzz about Kemper. 

The two use Griff's condition to make Kemper even more popular, figuring that he will just help Griff become popular after he is cured. But soon Kemper goes mad with power and betrays Griff. Griff swears vengeance, and creates a trap to turn Kemper invisible at the prom. Hemlock tries to stop him, and confesses her feelings for him, but he ignores her. As the plan is about to go off, he realizes what a monster he's become, and races to the prom to stop the trap. In doing so, he is hit with the serum, which by now has catalyzed into a cure. Fully visible, he stops the attack of a jealous Kemper, and ignores the resulting buzz from the students so he may apologize to Hemlock and share the last dance with her. 



INVISIBLE is a John-Hughes-esque musical theatre adaptation of the HG Wells classic The Invisible Man with a totally original pop/rock score that takes great joy in paying homage to popular music and popular cultural tropes  of the era. The show ultimately endeavors to physically and figuratively bring the audience into their own  hallowed high school hallways via the heightened and dangerous halls of Springborough High School.  Invisible lives in the fairly self-concerned and narcissistic year of 1988, because at its core, it is a show about  what it means to cut away all of the cultural and social melodrama and truly see another human being.

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Add your e-mail address to the INVISIBLE list!

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